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All Ohio residents need to have auto insurance according to the laws in this state. While that law is a simple and intractable one, there is a great deal of flexibility regarding the precise type of auto insurance that you actually choose.

Ohio law states that all residents operating motor vehicles must purchase and maintain a liability insurance policy. This policy, while enough to meet the state law guidelines, is only enough to protect other drivers on the road if you cause an accident or other damage. The purpose of a liability insurance policy is to compensate injured drivers for their damages, whether the injuries are bodily or they simply involve damage to the vehicle. While Ohio does have a state minimum (check with your insurance agent for the current minimum in your area) you may wish to exceed that minimum to make certain that any damage you cause would be fully paid for by your insurance policy.

Other types of insurance, which include collision and comprehensive coverage, are elective insurance types. While you don't have to get these kinds of insurance policies, it is important to understand that if you choose not to have these coverage types that you won't have any personal coverage in accidents or in cases where your vehicle is damaged or stolen. Both collision and comprehensive coverage exist purely to help you, so it is well worth talking to one of our agents about getting a policy that includes both of these along with liability coverage. This way, you'll have coverage for everything from accidents you cause to vehicle theft to damage to your personal car when you run into a building.

The law in Ohio is very straightforward: Everyone needs to have the state minimum car insurance coverage. However, it is extremely simple to work with our The Milnor Insurance Group agents to create a personalized policy with the extra coverage that will give you even more protection in case of disaster.

It's very easy to get a free quote - multiple quotes, in fact - through our live comparative quote tool. We work with many major insurance companies and can get you quotes from several places to allow you to compare. Customer choice is our driving force, and we will always make sure you get the best policy possible as a result!